Sorry for the light blogging, but…

…we’re too busy running for cover at our house:
We’re halfway between Franklin and the middle “n” in “Indianapolis”. The storm cell you see that just hammered Crawfordsville is tracking southeast and producing large tornadoes and tennis ball-sized hail. I had planned on catching up on blogging for the last couple of days, but I think I’ll be turning the computer off and getting ready to hunker down. The lightning sure is impressive, though. Updates to follow.

** Update at 11:16 — Whoa. That big cell veered southeast and hit us head-on. No tornadoes that we know of, but they’re saying the wind gusts were up around 90 mph, and that’s the hardest I’ve heard it rain since we moved here. I think we must have gotten 2 inches in 20 minutes. Marble-sized hail, too, in enormous amounts. No apparent damage to our house, but part of our neighbor’s privacy fence is blown down. The Mrs. went out and found a plastic garbage can lid blown out on the street, but she couldn’t pick it up because the pressure and temperature changes had it stuck to the road like a suction cup. Wild stuff. We’re happy to be OK.

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  1. The house we sold to move here (Pennsylvania) was destroyed last week in the heavy storms, we’ve been told. Here, they’re already talking about rationing water. Five minutes of rain since December (if you count freezing rain as rain).