On a positive note…

Perhaps because the last two posts have cast a somewhat negative light on my GE 103 class, I wanted to share this entry from a Feedback Journal that a student in the class turned in last week. Each week I put a one-point “bonus” question on it that’s not really connected to the course material. This week, the question was: “What do you think about daylight savings time?” (Indiana has just switched back to DST after 30 years of not observing it.) This student’s answer?

I think daylight savings time gives people an excellent opportunity to experience the existential idea of time. Over spring break anyone who stayed in Indiana experienced a twenty-five hour day. This should throw everything off and it should be very hard to deal with since everything we do is built around the concept of time. Yet most people simply changed their clocks before they went to bed and woke up at 7:00 A.M. like they always do. An existentialist living in Indiana would have stayed awake until 12:00 and then set their clock back an hour and laughed at the thought that they were living the same hour over again. How joyful to realize how man-made time can seem in times like these. It really makes me wonder what it was like to live in Russia not a hundred years ago when they just jumped ahead a few days.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching this class — you get people who think off the wall like this.

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