iSight+PhotoBooth as family entertainment device

Speaking of iSight, I meant to post some of these photos a while ago. Back over Memorial Day, we took a trip to visit my side of the family. I took the Macbook just in case we hit a wifi hotspot and wanted to surf, and so I could show off some pictures. One night, I was showing off the computer to my nieces and nephews, and we started messing around with PhotoBooth. Hilarity ensued. Here’s a sample (click to enlarge):

Photo 4.jpgPhoto 17.jpgPhoto 18.jpg

Photo 19.jpgPhoto 22.jpgPhoto 29.jpg

Photo 30.jpgPhoto 23.jpgPhoto 31.jpg

The two redheaded kids are my nephews Hudson and Clark. Their mom (my sister) told them that the iSight was a special camera that takes pictures of one’s true inner nature. Knowing them as well as I do, I’d say that’s about right.

(The rightmost picture in the second row is me. I’m thinking of using that as my standard “head-shot” from now on.)

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  1. I recognized you immediately. 🙂