Descent into madness, home edition

Things are going to be pretty hectic around our place over the next couple of weeks.

(1) Today we begin the 6-month lease on, and get our keys to, the two-bedroom apartment we will be staying in while the new house is being finished. We are not actually moving for a few days. Today we’re just getting in and marking off where the furniture is (hopefully) going to go.

(2) Whatever of our stuff won’t fit into our apartment, either physically or metaphorically speaking, is going one of two places: the 10′ x 15′ storage unit we are renting for 6 months (is it me, or does that seem distressingly small?) or the one-car garage space at the apartment complex we are getting just in case the storage unit won’t contain everything. As we move stuff to the apartment, we will be moving stuff into the storage unit too.

(3) On the 11th, movers are coming to take the big stuff to the apartment/storage unit/garage space that we can’t/won’t move ourselves, like the Mrs.’ Civil War-era curio cabinet with the original glass still in it. (If somebody has to break that thing, it ain’t gonna be me.)

(4) July 12 is the day the buyers of our house close on our house AND move in. And when we move out, into the apartment (which I am going to now call “our summer vacation home”), where we will stay until the house is done in (hopefully) November.

There’s a good chance that living in an 850 square foot apartment with a 2-year old will drive me crazy. But I think too that there’s something to learning to live with each other in a small space. Plus, after all, the first week we ever spent with the Doodlebug was an a hotel room 1/4 of that size in China where we had to boil water just to brush our teeth. As always, perspective is pretty important.


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5 responses to “Descent into madness, home edition

  1. liz

    benefits: Doodlebug will never hide from you successfully (common, popular game with the sub-36 mos. set).

    costs: the kidlet-kibble almost inescapable in our culture witll drive you barking mad.

    I hope the apartment has a bathtub. The adults think of the tub as a venue for cleanliness. I bet you can think up 101 ways to play in the tub. For example, the jello + constarch slurry painting fun.

  2. Liz, one of the reasons we picked our apartment complex over the others was that it has two bathrooms, each of which has an oversized garden tub. (And there’s a pool across the street as well, which we’ve already used.)

  3. chris

    In homage to your new “vacation home,” you should make appropriate changes to the blog: Try fitting all of it in a space 400 x 400 pixels. . . And no blogging after 10 pm, you don’t want to wake up the blgos nextdoor! 😉

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