We’re moved, we closed on the house, and all of our stuff is either in a storage unit, the apartment, or a garage we are renting near the apartment. I’m taking the rest of the week and the weekend to unpack, get things in order, and most of all unwind from a very tiring week. I should be back posting about math, teaching, and tech related stuff — you know, the focus of this blog — next week. In the meanwhile, I hope I’m amusing at least a few of you with our tales from moving.

If so, then here’s some more amusement!

  • We really, really badly underestimated both the amount of stuff we had to box up — especially little, loose stuff — as well as the physical toll that moving was going to take on us. Monday was supposed to be the day we got all the non-furniture stuff boxed up; Tuesday was when the movers would transport stuff to the storage unit and/or our apartment; and Wednesday was supposed to be complete free time in the morning and then a meeting to close on our house in the afternoon. Well, we boxed and moved a lot of stuff Monday, but not nearly all of it; and on Tuesday we both has such aches and pains that we couldn’t do the same amount we did on Monday. Consequently we fell further and further behind, so that we only got the last of our stuff out of the house just an hour before closing on Wednesday.
  • Examples of physical stress: Bunch of skin torn off right elbow while disconnecting home theater; bruise and cut on right shin from falling VCR out of the back of the van; aching backs for both the Mrs. and me; bump on the Mrs.’ head form raising herself up straight into a low-lying shelf in the kitchen; various bruises all over. The Theragesic has been flowing freely. On the bright side, it was so hot and humid that the Mrs. lost seven pounds in the last two days.
  • And in the chaos of Wednesday morning a lot of stuff got thrown into boxes indiscriminately, so now there are things I need to find that I have no idea where they are, or are located in the wrong places. For example, this morning I got up really wanting coffee, only to find that the coffee maker had made it into the apartment but the carafe was in the storage unit.
  • On top of that, as I was unpacking the kitchen this morning I couldn’t find my pots and pans. When I called the Mrs. to ask where she might have put them, she said, “Umm.. I thought you packed them.” So we think that they are still in the house, which we no longer own. Am currently playing phone tag with our realtor who is getting in touch with the new owners’ realtor to get the new owners in touch with us. I’m tempted to just say “screw it” and go get new stuff.
  • Let me just say that it is extremely impressive to watch professional movers at work. They managed to get everything not going to our apartment — about 70% of our belongings from a 2600 ft2 house — into a 15×10 storage unit. There is not a cubic inch of space in that unit that is not being used. Amazing. It may be tough physical labor, but there’s also a spatial intelligence aspect to that kind of work that makes you reconsider presumptions about “manual labor”.
  • I predicted that in an apartment complex, with so many people so close together, that when I turned on the Airport on the Macbook, I’d detect at least four different wireless networks, at least one of which had no authentication. I was wrong about the number of networks — I just picked up one. But, it had no authentication, and just to test it out, I fired up Dashboard and everything worked. Unreal. Having an un-authenticated wireless network a lot like having a house or apartment with no doors on it.
  • We’re adjusting pretty well to apartment life. There are things about living in an apartment that I actually kind of miss. The place is exceedingly easy to keep clean; you don’t have to do anything to the outside; we’re located very close to restaurants and grocery stores and so on; and it’s cozy and familial. It also puts automatic restraints on one’s consumerism; there’s only so much stuff a person can own and still live sanely in an 850 ft2 apartment (especially with a wife, 2-year old, and two cats).
  • Doodlebug didn’t do well the first night — a toddler who won’t go to sleep and a daddy who’s slept five hours in three days is not a good combination — but last night she slept from 8:30 PM to 7:00 AM straight and would’ve gone till 9:00 AM if I hadn’t woken her. Last night one of our cats slept on the bed with us, which we never allowed before, and it was kind of nice actually.
  • In addition to our closing meeting yesterday, we had a meeting with the guy who’s in charge of building our new house. To our surprise, the lot was completely staked off and they were about to start digging the basement! I’ve been taking photos and video of the lot but it’s been, er, pretty boring — up till now. Pretty exciting to go over the blueprints and stuff with excavation about to begin.
  • One of my better calculus students from a couple of years ago is living just a couple of doors down from us. I think I saw another recent alum’s car in the parking lot.

But life goes on — time to plan out lessons and grade papers.



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  1. Natalie

    Speaking of leaving pots and pans behind, someone told me a story once of checking out a stove left on a curb that someone had obviously replaced. When he checked the broiler area, it wasn’t a broiler, but a storage area and it was full of a very nice set of pots and pans. The owners were very happy to have that fact pointed out to them by this gentleman. Luckily he checked BEFORE he took the stove away!

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