Friday random 10 (week…?)

I think this is the fourth week I’ve done this, but I’ve lost all track of time lately. Anyhow, today’s iPod offering is:

  1. Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel, So)
  2. Closer to Your Heart (Clannad, Pastpresent)
  3. Canon a 2 quaerendo invenietis (Bach, Art of the Fugue). Note: It took me longer to type the name of the piece than the actual length of the piece itself.
  4. Contact (The Police, Regatta de Blanc)
  5. Time to Kill (U.K., U.K.)
  6. Secret Church (David Wilcox, Turning Point)
  7. River Deep, Mountain High (Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III)
  8. Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits)
  9. Redemption (Johnny Cash, American Recordings)
  10. My Redeemer Lives (Mark Heard, High Noon)

Everybody have a good weekend.


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