Any suggestions for blog editing software?

Before moving into the apartment, I would do a lot of blogging after both my wife and my kid had gone to bed. But now, with the space constraints we have, the computer is located literally ten inches from where my wife sleeps. And since we don’t have wireless, I can’t just take the Macbook out into the living room and do it. I can’t do my blogging at that time of the night any more, and I miss it — that’s a time of day that’s good for writing, for me.

So I’m looking for some kind of blog editing software that will allow me to compose a post offline — including all the formatting, image insertion, hyperlinking, etc. — and then upload it to my WordPress host later, like when I get to work in the morning, with something like a click of a single “Publish this post” button. I just got through looking at Qumana, although I didn’t download it; it’s free, looks nice, is available for OS X, and has some nice added features like Technorati tag insertion. I guess the “free” and “available for OS X” are essential features, along with the ability to work with WordPress.

But rather than downloading and trying out 100 different software titles, I want to make a targeted search — hence the request for suggestions. Anybody have any?

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