Tuesday #9

Last week I was too caught up in everything to do Tuesday; this week’s been pretty busy too, but I did want to share one recently-added link from my folder that I have thought a lot about this week:

Rules for Success from Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons is the CEO and founder of, a domain name registration company you probably know from its, er, memorable TV commercials (and which I used to get and manage the domain for this blog). In this article, Rob highlights sixteen rules for success in business and in life. I’m usually not much for Stephen Covey-type motivational stuff, but some items in this list ring true for me:

9. Measure everything of significance. Rob’s right — anything that is observed and measured will improve. Conversely…

10. Anything that is not managed will deteriorate. I have nightmares sometimest of suddenly realizing that I’ve been the lead person on a project… that’s due in a week. This is how I feel a lot of times when I fail to manage something important, whether it’s an element of a course I’m teaching, a committee I’m on, my weight or diet, how and what I post on this blog,  potty-training the Doodlebug, or anything else. Management and attention are the keys to getting things done right.

15. Don’t take yourself too seriously. I heard this advice in grad school from a retiring prof, except he added "…and don’t take anybody else very seriously, either." To this day, this two-part piece of advice has been the most rewarding and the most difficult advice I’ve ever tried to follow — the world of higher ed is just not wired for self-deprecation like it ought to be, and it shows. I think higher ed would be a better place if we all took this advice to heart.

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