Qumana first impressions

You may have noticed by way of the little blurb at the bottom of today’s posts that I’ve been using Qumana to write blog entries today. (See here and here for background.) It’s been mainly a good experience. It came in especially handy today because I was giving a test, and the room I use is adead zone for the building’s wifi coverage, so I wrote this post as I wanted it while giving the test and then just walked downstairs to the office and clicked the "Publish Post" button. This was the functionality I was looking for — the ability to author and format posts offline, and then publish them with the click of a single button later when I’m back online.

Setup was very easy — just install from the disk image, and then you just enter in the URL of the blog(s) you want to use Qumana with, then enter the administrator password, and everything gets auto-detected. The WYSIWYG editor is nice, faster and lighter than the standard WordPress editor. Inserting Technorati tags is easy. Qumana uses a thing called the "drop pad", a little icon that floats on the desktop, for content management; you author a post by dragging-and-dropping links and pictures and so forth onto the drop pad, then double-clicking the drop pad brings up the editor with all the stuff you dropped already there. It’s not the usual way I write blog posts — I usually just write text and then mark it up with links and images later, whereas this is the reverse — but there’s something to be said for it.

On the other hand, there are some bugs and irritants: The trackbacking system doesn’t appear to work, and I’m not sure my Technorati tags are being detected either. When you go to edit an already-published post, it alters the time stamp so that the post gets re-published in a different order. In fact the time stamp in general is often off, and I have to click the "now" button to make it correct. And for some reason highlighting text with the cursor requires excessive cllicking — I have to double-click on a word and then clear it and then highlight it. And sometimes the text in the editor doesn’t appear properly. And although Qumana does a nice job of detecting my post categories, it doesn’t display them in heirarchical form, so that the "Calculus" category shows up between "Blogging" and "Casting Out Nines" rather than as a subcategory of "Teaching". 

Bottom line: Good, quite suitable for what I need, but not perfect. I’ll try to get some screenshots up later. If the folks from Qumana are reading this, feel free to comment!

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4 responses to “Qumana first impressions

  1. Yep, we’re reading this. The tags should be picked up fine by Technorati … this assumes Technorati is working!

    For the Trackbacks, it depends on your blog platform. But since you’re using WP, I’m surprised that trackbacks and date stamps don’t work. Make sure that you’ve set your timezone correctly in the preferences and the blog preferrences.

    Text, editing … using a Mac I bet. We are bashing away at those bugs as fast as we can. Those are some of the toughest ones to nail.

  2. Thanks Tris. The Technorati tags do seem to be picked up as long as they consist of a single word. Otherwise it’s hit-and-miss. For example, the tag “Benedict College” on a post from earlier today didn’t get picked up, but “calculus” did.

    Yep, using a Mac.

    It’s very cool to have the developers comment on this, BTW.

  3. I don’t even know what Qumana is.

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