Good ideas…

…from Wesley Fryer on what he would change if he had the power:

1. I’d buy every student in the USA an OLPC $100 laptop, and provide a fulltime teacher-technologist at every school to provide just-in-time professional development for teachers who wanted and needed it.
2. I’d provide funds so every child at every school could take at least three field trips (REAL, not virtual) in their local area every semester.
3. I’d repeal all the curricular mandates passed by state legislatures, redirect all funds currently used for testing and put them toward higher teacher salaries, and ask all the teachers to be as innovative, creative, fun and engaging as they could be as they designed project-based learning experiences for the students in their care all year. [ed. Yes!]
4. I’d make the US legislators who have passed all these ridiculous laws about standardized testing put their own children and grandchildren in the lowest SES schools where teachers are drilling and killing kids to utter boredom, and make those kids stay in those schools all year until their legislative parents and grandparents repented of their sins.
5. I’d ask all schools to do away with their bell schedules, divide up the students among the teachers in multi-age groups (this is in secondary settings too) and have teachers teach kids with content instead of teaching content to kids. [ed. That’s an interesting way to put it.]
6. I’d setup incentive grant programs so more teachers could work in internships for a month of the year with local businesses, seeing the job force skills firsthand that graduates and new employees are expected to have and readily learn.
7. I’d change the predominant form of school financing in the United States from the inherently inequitable property tax model to a flat tax model which would put most tax accountants and tax lawyers out of business and make them get more productive jobs. [ed. Yes! Although we’d still give business to our tax accountant every February.]
8. I’d setup a volunteer task force to redesign the US school governance model, so innovation, creativity, and reasoned-risk taking among teachers and administrators would be naturally encouraged within the system rather than quashed and silenced. [ed. Double yes!]

Amen to all that. Whole thing here. I suggested to Wes that he run for Congress or Senate sometime.

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  1. I’m so THERE! I’d vote for this guy!