Getting Things Done

Blogging will be a little light today because I am taking the next two days to do a thorough and systematic cleaning and reorganization of my personal landfill office. This is about a year and a half overdue. I’ve spent the morning redoing just my bookshelves, and already the office is a much more peaceful and productive-feeling place.

I was finally spurred into action by stumbling across the concept/philosophy/pseudo-religion of personal organization known as Getting Things Done (GTD). I first read about GTD at the blog, got very interested in the idea, and last week read through David Allen’s book which introduced GTD. I usually automatically skip any book that is about business practice or has the author’s picture on the front. However, after reading and mulling over the book I’m convinced that GTD can help me get my stuff in order going into a semester that is really, really full of stuff. So I’m getting myself set up to use it over the next couple of days. I’ll probably blog the results if anybody cares.

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