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Do not buy the Brother P-Touch 1180 labeling machine. It automatically inserts a 1" left margin on each label, and there is no way to change this margin.  So if you are labeling a standard file folder — on which the tab is about 2" wide — you will end up with a label over 1" longer than the tab you are trying to label; or else you have to change the margins and cut off the empty space in the left margin on every label you print out.

The cost of a cassette for this label machine is $12.95, and half of that cassette in other words is being thrown in the garbage because the labels are too long and there’s no way to fix it. If you’re like me and you’re in the process of labeling an entire filing cabinet’s worth of files, this mounts up very quickly.

The lady on the customer service line was nice enough in explaining this to me, but I told her I’d never have bought the machine if I’d known it was essentially unusable for labeling standard file folders. Sheesh!

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3 responses to “Office supply alert

  1. I am tempted to buy myself a Dymo labeler just to keep me from stealing the one in the main office at work. I love that thing.

  2. I recommend the Dymo QX50 to my clients for this very reason. The Dymo uses inexpensive paper tape, it has no waste on the ends, and is easy to peel.

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