Tuesday #11

This week’s featured link fits with the recent theme at work of getting ready for fall  semester classes:

The Art of Problem Solving

This site is intended mainly for high school kids who are getting ready for, or are merely interested in, doing a mathematical contest of some sort. However, there are  well-done and useful resources of all kinds here:

  • Some really good introductions to LaTeX, which I will probably use this year. I wanted to incorporate training on LaTeX into the MOPS course a couple of years ago, but the tutorial I developed turned out to be awful. These aren’t.
  • A nice wiki.
  • Lots of good articles, such as "How to Write a Solution" (this will be required reading for all my upper-division classes from now on), the sweetly-titled "Stop Making Stupid Mistakes", and one called "The Calculus Trap" that harmonizes with some thoughts I’ve had lately about the appropriateness of our placement of calculus in the high school and college curricula.
  • I don’t have time for this, but there’s a virtual community and online classroom devoted to problem-solving too.

Thanks to Rudbeckia Hirta at Learning Curves for tipping me off to the site.

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