A wiki full of free math-related screencasts

Mathcasts looks like it has great potential to help students in calculus and other math classes. It’s a wiki consisting of a whole bunch of screencasts on mathematical topics, from elementary school-level stuff through calculus. Here’s one where a teacher goes through a product rule calculation, for instance. I could really see a student getting something out of this if they’re a visual/kinesthetic learner who benefits from seeing examples worked out. Or a student in calculus who needs to bone up on something from algebra — just send them to the screencast and tell them to work along. Many of the screencasts are available for the video iPod and for Sony PSP. (I can hear the younger kids now… "Honest, Mom, I’m doing my homework!")

There are evidently hundreds of screencasts up on the wiki now; I can’t attest to quailty, but anything free is worth a look. I was thinking about doing some screencasts of my own, but maybe somebody else has already done the work for me!

[Hat tip: Serendipity 35]

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