Moving right along…

…on the new house. Here’s how it looked yesterday:

Next up is putting the shingles on the roof and installing the HVAC, then (I think) the insulation and/or the brick on the front.

Unanswered questions:

– Will interest rates stay put, or will they go up and force us to eat Ramen noodles until we can refinance?

– Does anybody besides Kenmore make a range that has a gas top and an electric convection oven? And why the *&#$ do these things cost so much?


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4 responses to “Moving right along…

  1. You didn’t get a fixed rate mortgage? Yow!

  2. No, it’s fixed rate — but we can’t lock in the interest rate until 60 days before closing. When you buy a pre-existing home, that’s never an issue, but when you’re in a building situation where it takes 4-5 months, you just sort of have to wait and hope.

    ARM’s are evil.

  3. Ah. And those combos are expensive because they’re trendy. Did you check out cooktop and independent oven prices? Ridiculous.

    I ended up getting a GE with a gas oven. I would have preferred an electric oven, but GE has the best oven temperature control.

  4. Liz

    I was just wondering how the house was coming along.

    I have a separate cooktop and wall ovens. This works very well for me. I have no idea why wall ovens would be more expensive than a unit–don’t have to have exterior finish etc.

    And remember what I said about digital/electronic controls for the oven. EEEEEvvvvvviiiiill.