Should we TiVo?

Via ParentHacks, I’ve learned that the price on a TiVo Series 2 80-hour Digital Video Recorder has been slashed at — there’s $100 knocked off the retail price of $299.99 coupled with a $150 rebate, meaning that the thing is now just $50! There’s an extra fee for a monthly subscription required — which is either $12.95/month or $16.95/month (can’t quite tell from the TiVo website).

Although we don’t watch much TV together as a family, the Mrs. and I recently talked about getting a TiVo so that she could watch some of the HGTV and TLC shows which run in that 8:00-9:00 slot that always seems to be taken up by putting the Doodlebug to bed. And I’m getting Doodlebug up earlier now with school starting back, which means that she doesn’t have The Wiggles on TV now to keep her out from under my feet while I’m getting us ready to leave in the mornings; it sure would be nice to have 3-4 Disney Channel shows queued up every morning. So the rock-bottom price on the unit itself seems very attractive now.

Still, it’s an expense — especially those reasonable-sounding monthly subscription fees — and I dislike spending money on TV beyond the basics.

Anybody got an opinion on this out there?

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4 responses to “Should we TiVo?

  1. First I should say that I am in a gadget-rich environment. My husband is a computer programmer and we have lots of technology.

    I LOVE Tivo.

    It lets me watch all the shows I want (if they were all in season at once that would be 10 a week) whenever I want. And because I’m Tivoing everything, I can watch three or four shows in an hour by fast forwarding through the commercials. (I do watch the commercials if they are interesting.)

    Also we watch a few shows as a family because of Tivo. We might not be able to watch them together if we all had to be around when they were on. But we can watch them when all four of us are available. We enjoy that.

    And my youngest, who is a history addict, Tivos probably ten hours of history shows a week. He doesn’t always watch all of them, but the possibility is there. (We also have a box which limits the boys television to a total of four hours a week each, or eight if they share all their time. So M’s 10 hours of history has to be watched in four hours. It definitely limits his desire to just watch it because it is there.)

    There’s my opinion.

  2. Just curious. Doesn’t your cable or satellite provider offer a DVR package? Most do these days, and that way, you don’t have to pay TiVO. We have DirecTiVO (DirecTV has dropped TiVO as their DVR provider, but a contract is a contract). The satellite receiver and TiVO in one box, an integrated package.

    Also, an 80Gig box is a waste. Go for at least a 130Gig box.

    While you’re at it, you may want to pick up a DVD-R. I got a VCR/DVD-R unit, so now I can burn shows to DVD, or burn VCR tapes to DVD. Love it, and DVD-R boxes are very reasonably priced these days.

  3. Liz

    What I meant to expand upon is the family viewing hour (esp. important for little kids) is when the family can sit down together and watch whatever–Blue’s Clues now, something more intellectually rewarding later.