Spam attack?

For some reason, I’m getting bombarded by spam comments and trackbacks that are making it through the usually-airtight Akismet filter. I got 20 of them overnight and had picked up two more after breakfast. Sunday’s usually a no-blogging zone for me, so there might be some more that crop up before I can get to them. Bear with me.



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2 responses to “Spam attack?

  1. I’m thinking that Akizmet is falling down on its job or the spammers have figured out how to work around it. I have it also and, after reading your post, went and checked. I had 35 to moderate. Only one was not spam. (Yeah! I got a comment.)

  2. It was a bug in the Akismet system that caused it to return bad responses, it should be all fixed up now. There are some more details on the Akismet site. Let me know if you have any more problems.