Web 2.0 buzz satire — a badly needed resource

The approach to the Web commonly referred to as Web 2.0 is pretty interesting and has practical benefits, as we see through blogs and services like Google Maps and Technorati. But the phenomenon is almost not worth fooling with because of the silly, buzzword-laden hype surrounding it all. The edublogosphere is particularly bad about this; go to any Web 2.0-friendly education blog and the signal-to-noise ratio — replete with multiple references to "conversations" and "digital natives" ad infinitum — is almost unbearable.

That’s why I’m glad to have stumbled on this site. Just go look. The name says it perfectly. Some sample products:

Nice! I have a conference coming up in October; I should use some of this stuff.

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One response to “Web 2.0 buzz satire — a badly needed resource

  1. JimMc

    when marketers and techies combine evil forces, the results are never good. mashup is particularly grating. sounds like something you do on a high school date in the back seat. i’ll use tonsil hockey instead.