The return of the Friday Random 10

  1. Leave It Like It Is (David Wilcox, How Did You Find Me Here)
  2. Because (Beatles, Abbey Road)
  3. Proudest Monkey (Dave Matthews Band, Crash)
  4. Sontata no. 3 (Bach, performed by Paul Galbraith, The Sonatas and Partitas). By the way, Paul Galbraith is amazing — he plays an 8-string acoustic guitar and does stuff like Bach and Haydn piano concertos on it.
  5. Night on the Bare Mountain (Mussorgsky, perf. by Montreal Symphony)
  6. We’re Going to Be Friends (Jack Johnson, Curious George soundtrack)
  7. Keep Yourself Alive (Queen, Classic Queen)
  8. See Me In the Evening (Hound Dog Taylor, Essential Chicago Blues)
  9. Audrey (Dave Brubeck, Ken Burns Jazz)
  10. The Long Race (Bruce Hornsby & the Range, The Way It Is)

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