Mini-outrage over Iran

The president of Iran is calling for a purge of all university professors in Iran who don’t toe the official fundamentalist Islamic line. This deliberate attempt to silence freedom of expression and eliminate academic freedom is, unfortunately, in perfect accord with the actions of this same government to silence bloggers and journalists.

This action is not only an overt attack on academic freedom. but it is distinguished by the fact that it is a real attack — not just a mere wailing from an American "scholar" who is upset that some people find his or her work disagreeable or objectionable. So you would think that the American higher education community would be bold and outspoken against this, especially when given such an easy target. Right?

Well… here’s an example of where the outrage is, from

It’s buried at the bottom of the page of "short takes" for today. So much for outrage. Now, back to defending out academic integrity by, for example, kicking Christian student groups off campus.

Sometimes higher ed is just an embarassing place to work.

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2 responses to “Mini-outrage over Iran

  1. Come now, you didn’t really expect any howling about academic freedom, unless it was directed at conservatives, did you?

  2. Not really, but it’s nice to hold out hope. Although in a very important sense, Iran’s president *is* a conservative of the worst sort. So maybe if you put it that way, the outrage will start flowing.