Saving money in college

Here’s a really good post containing 117 creative ways for students to pay for college. Well, actually it’s 117 ways for students to spend less money while they are in college, but perhaps this amounts to the same thing.

This post highlights a connection between frugality and education that I think hasn’t ever, in my experience, been brought up in student life circles. One of the chief causes of time management issues for college students seems to be the perceived necessity of holding down a job (or more than one job) to pay for things. But I haven’t heard of too many college students who have been creative in cutting their costs down and living more simply, thereby lessening the dependence on a job and freeing up more time to focus on one’s studies.

I do wish the post would have added another way to save money: Don’t join Greek organizations. These are expensive on two fronts: They cost a lot of money for annual dues, and they cost a lot in terms of time. In fact, the monetary cost often drives students to take on more outside work to pay for it, so eschewing fraternities and sororities will save money up front, save time up front, and save the time taken to generate more money. And I think most students will find that whatever it is they are looking for when they go Greek, they can get it through non-Greek and therefore less expensive means.

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