Race relations

There was a story on the local news this morning about the Race for All Races, an event sponsored by the local Asian-American Alliance. A woman was being interviewed from the Alliance who described the race as well as several college scholarships sponsored by the Alliance for Asian-American high school students. I looked over at Doodlebug — who, as I think everyone here knows, we adopted from China in 2004 when she was 8 months old — and asked my wife, “You think Doodlebug would be eligible for something like that?”

Wife: Of course. She was born in Asia. She’s an American citizen. So she’s Asian-American.
Me: Yeah, but what do they count as “Asian”? Does she have to have Asian parents to be Asian? Is Doodlebug “Asian”?

Then Doodlebug perceives that she is being talked about:

Doodle: Me not Asian! Me BIG GIRL!

This refers to an ongoing penchant of Doodle’s to assert that she is no longer a baby but, in fact, a big girl of two and a half years old.

Me: Well, um, you see, you’re Asian and you’re a big girl.
Doodle: [getting upset] No! Me BIG GIRL! Me not Asian! Two and a half!
Me: Er, you see honey, you were born in China. That makes you Asian. But you’re also a big girl.
Doodle: BIG GIRL! No Asian! Two and a half!
Me: [to wife] Sweetie, could you change the channel please?

So I must now remember that my daughter sees herself as a big girl first, a daddy’s girls second, and an Asian-American — well, if not third then definitely somewhere below second. I wonder how affirmative action will handle that?

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