Voice recorder update

In the comments to my post about digital voice recorders, I decided that what I was really looking for was just a 1 GB flash drive with an easy-to-use microphone built into it. Well, this number from Phillips is on sale at Office Depot this week for $39.99 (regularly $69.99) and may be just the ticket. Uses a single AAA battery; plays back MP3’s; plugs directly into the computer via USB 2.0; saves voice notes as .WAV files (which I can handle on a Mac). The description is prety Windows-centric but I don’t see why this shouldn’t work as advertised on a Mac. The only big unknown is ease of use — can I pick the thing up and record a quick voice note with a minimum of thought and movement, and especially can I do that while driving?

And heck, for $40 how wrong could you go?

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