Cosby on algebra

Now this is stuff I like to hear:

Why can’t students practice algebra for hours like teams practice sports?

That’s what Bill Cosby asked a group of students at the Roger Putnam Vocational Technical High School yesterday.

And when freshman Kimya Thompson shouted that the subject was boring, Cosby, from Shelburne, brought her on stage.

He told her that if she and her peers didn’t sharpen their academic skills, they’d be earning minimum wage.
Cosby told the 450 students that they couldn’t go to jail for getting straight As, but they could get shot for selling drugs.

Word up.

Also, I’m so tired of the “It’s boring” excuse. If you get bored, the problem is that you’re boring. An interesting enough person never gets bored. OK? If you think practicing algebra is boring, try retaking math classes over and over again until you can get the algebra right!

[Hat tip: The Education Wonks]

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One response to “Cosby on algebra

  1. Just another liberal professor

    As an atheist, let me add an “Amen!” to that.

    I don’t get the whole “boring” excuse, either…not everything in life is fun, entertaining, and full of lollipops. When these people get out of college, do they expect every day at their jobs to be jam packed with nothing but entertainment and joy?

    Frankly, 24/7 fun would cease to be fun.