Friday random 10 — 29 September

  1. Suite in C Minor, BWV 997, 3rd M (Paul Galbraith, Bach Lute Suites)
  2. Going To California (Led Zeppelin, IV)
  3. Man in the Green Shirt (Weather Report, Best of Weather Report)
  4. Love Will Come to You (Indigo Girls, Rites of Passage)
  5. Tears to Tell (Howard Jones, Best of Howard Jones)
  6. Give Thanks to the Lord (Christ Community Church, re: awakening)
  7. A Felicidade (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Personalidade)
  8. William Wilson (The Smithereens, 11)
  9. Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen, Greatest Hits)
  10. Balla Balla Bambina (The Wiggles, Toot Toot)

You have to like the juxtaposition of those last two songs.

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