Weekend preview

Blogging may be light(-er than usual) over the weekend because of the following:

– I am horribly behind in my grading. The Mrs. and the Doodlebug are heading out of town to visit family today and tomorrow, so I am declaring this weekend to be a "grading retreat" with the intent of getting 100% caught up. Can I declare "grading bankruptcy" in case I get too far behind to ever catch up, similarly to this concept?

– I need to give a brief — and I mean brief — presentation to a group of prospective students on Saturday. Brief, as in 10 minutes. I’m not sure what I can communicate to them in 10 minutes that they couldn’t just read from a brochure in three.

– When I’m not grading or speaking, I’ll be shopping for a new coffeemaker. The free one we got with the Gevalia membership has driven me up the wall for the last time. I had to dump a whole pot this morning because the stupid cone filter folded in half when I inserted it, leaving me with watery coffee that had chunks of white film floating in it. Mess with my coffee at your own risk.

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