So, how’s the weekend going?

– The grading blitz is actually going fairly well. I had nine items to grade. The #1 priority item I finally knocked out at 11:00 PM last night. As of two minutes ago, I have graded the items at numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, and 9 on the list. Numbers 6 and 7 on the list are for a class that meets on Tuesdays but not Mondays, so technically I don’t have to get those done this weekend. Plus, see the next point about item #6. The Mrs. and the Doodlebug should be back in 4-5 hours which gives me time to knock out item 4 and get a decent start on 8.

– The item at the top of the priority list was one of two successive problem sets for an upper-division class. The good news is that I finished grading it. The bad news is that the work was abysmally awful. It was so bad that I am not going to grade the other problem set (item number 6 on the priority list) but rather give it back to the students and give them a couple of days to do things like, you know, make the first line of a proof be something other than “Let’s assume that the conclusion is true.”

– The brief presentation did not happen. Turns out that the session prior to the one I had prepared for went late by about 45 minutes (it was planned to be an hour long); then the organizers turned out to have no idea if anybody was actually going to come to my session, or when. So I ended up standing around in my room with my hi-welome-to-my-college face on, waiting for the imminent arrival of Lord-only-knows how many students to view the presentation I had taken an hour or two to prepare; only to have nobody show up and nobody in charge able to tell me what to expect. I have a very blunt email ready to send on Monday about all this, but I know better than to email when I am really, really hot under the collar. I hate — hate — having my time wasted. If I waste my own time, that’s different. But you are not allowed to do it for me.

– I’ve gotten to indulge in good bachelor food and sleep in a little. Picked up this coffeemaker yesterday, and it works a lot better than the free one.

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