A taste of Tufte

Tomorrow I am taking the entire day out from school to attend a workshop by Edward Tufte, author of the famous book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Tufte apparently has a semi-cult following of detail-oriented geeks like myself who get a thrill out of quantiative information presented in a visually appealing and/or provocative way. I’ve been very interested in visual displays of information of any sort recently. Now that I have good software for making cool computer presentations and nice pretty print documents, the weak link in using this stuff to its full effect is me, and with a little training hopefully I can take the way I visually present information of all sorts — in a lecture, for an engineering program flyer, etc. — to the next level.

One of my former students (you still out there Jami?) attended this workshop when she was a junior or senior, and it left a very strong positive impression on her. So when I got the flyer for the workshop tomorrow in Indy I decided to put my college travel allowance to use. (Plus, I get four of his books as part of the registration costs.)

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