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A while ago I switched from using the WordPress standard interface for writing my blog posts to using a standalone blog editing package, mainly because I was finding myself offline during my best writing times. I had initially started using Qumana, but over the last couple of weeks I’d been wondering what the non-free blog software for Mac was like, and so I’ve been auditioning.

I started with MarsEdit, but I didn’t think it was especially good; I got the impression that it would be very good freeware, but for a $24.95 price tag I expected more functionality than what amounts to just a text editor with a WordPress conduit. Then I tried out ecto, which was considerably better and a little cheaper than MarsEdit, but I don’t like the way it handles images and I really don’t like the way it handles Technorati tags. (If you see a post with a tag of "puppy", it’s because when you create a Technorati tag in ecto, "puppy" is the default text entered in for the tag, and the defaults have a sneaky way of not getting edited away properly. I much prefer Qumana’s handling — you click a button, enter in the text for the tags you want all at once, and it just enters them in; no maintaining of lists, no misplaced "puppy" tags.)

So I’m sticking with Qumana for now, mainly because it’s free and quite workmanlike. But I’d be interested in going with a non-free package if it had the right combination of features and a commensurate price tag. Anybody have any suggestions for such? Remember it has to work on a Mac.

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3 responses to “Blog software roundup/bleg

  1. virusdoc

    Do any of the good ones you’ve found work on Windows? I’ve just migrated my blog over to Webbleyou/WP as well, and I like the idea of writing posts offline.

  2. virusdoc

    Just answered my own question–Qumana is available in a WinXP compatible exe.

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