Appliance roundup

We’re now about one month away from closing on the new house, and we are scheduled to move in over Thanksgiving. Last night we made the purchase in which I, as the person who does all the cooking in the household, had arguably the most personal investment: We bought the appliances. See here for a backgrounder.

We went with the Whirlpool Gold line, having gotten to like the Kenmore Gold line from Sears very much — but our builder has an exclusive contract with an appliance retailer other than Sears. In case you didn’t know, Kenmore and Whirlpool are really the same thing, like Ford cars and Mercury cars. (Except Ford cars suck, whereas Whirlpool and Kenmore are good. But I digress.)

Here’s the range:
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We spent the extra money and had the gas line run to the kitchen, by the way. Glad we did. It was cheap. Has two 12.5K BTU burners on the front (cue the “Home Improvement” man-grunting noises).l

The dishwasher:
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The refrigerator, which was the main expense and concern:
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Two things that I loved about this refrigerator from the beginning: First, it has some buttons on the front, next to the filtered water dispenser, that let you preselect the exact amount of water you want, and then it dispenses that amount. So if you need 8 oz. of water, or 2 cups, etc. for a recipe, you just dial it in and hit “dispense”. Sure, you could just use a measuring cup, but that wouldn’t be the use of a gadget, right? Second, the spout for the water dispenser actually rotates outward 180 degrees — so that if you have a large vessel you need to fill you don’t have to cram it up underneath the overhang on the refrigerator. Great example of a simple extension of an existing technology to make things easier to use.

Finally, the microwave oven, although it’s more than that:
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This thing is a microwave/hood combo, but it also has a heating element in it, so you can use it for conventional (light) baking tasks. It’s essentially a combination microwave and toaster oven. And I’ve been surprised lately at how I wish we had a toaster oven in the apartment with us — seems like lots of foods that 2-year olds love are essentially made for the toaster oven.

So I’m excited, both as a gadget geek and as an Alton Brown fanboy, to get these things. It was nice too to have a $250 cash back deal on getting an entire package of Whirlpool items, plus a $600 credit from our builder, plus a 10% discount from the deal our builder has with the retailer — that amounts to a “buy 3, get one free” situation. And we came in under budget.

Next time you’re in the area (post-Thanksgiving, that is) stop in for a meal. One thing about this — if my cooking sucks, I can no longer blame the equipment.


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3 responses to “Appliance roundup

  1. You do all the cooking? Man. I don’t think my husband could even find the stove.

  2. virusdoc

    I’ll take you up on the meal offer. We move to Purdue in a week!

  3. Bring it on. Of course you’ll have to wait till we move in…