Party of four!

A public service announcement: At some point between December and March, we will be adding a fourth member to the cast of characters that is the Talbert family. We’ll be traveling back to China to adopt a girl, currently 10 months old, currently living in foster care in southern China. This has been in the works for several months now, but for various reasons things began to move very quickly as of a couple of weeks ago. Now we are doing some additional paperwork and awaiting our travel orders. By Spring Break, they’ll be four of us — your truly, the Mrs., Doodlebug, and introducing… Peanut.

We’re very excited, but the travel has the potential to be quite disruptive. My Promotion and Tenure Committee work has an intensive work period during January, in which all the portfolios for faculty up for review have to be read and the letters written to the dean and president. If I am gone for even a week of that, there are major problems. And there’s the possibility of missing 3-4 weeks of classes too, which is what happened when we traveled to get Doodlebug in 2004. It will work out one way or the other, although some of the options — like me staying home to do P&T stuff while my wife travels to get Peanut — aren’t very appealing.

Oh, and did I mention we’re moving into a new house around the same time? We figure, why not just have all your life changes all at once.


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