The following picture should be next to…

…the Webster’s dictionary entry for “false dichotomy”:


How about, “Happy and good at math”? Can I have that, please, for my kids?

This a “Quick Vote” poll from the statistical geniuses at, apropos to this article. I was going to comment on that article this morning but it’s got just the right mixture of truth and complete hogwash inextricably mashed together so that it’s almost impossible to say anything intelligent about it. Lots of people on the Project NExT mailing list are hopping mad about it, though.


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2 responses to “The following picture should be next to…

  1. Yeah, it’s a ridiculous article in many ways.
    From what I read in the article, the key word was “confident,” not “happy.” And from what I understand, non-Westerners are always less likely to describe themselves as “confident” than are their Western counterparts.

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