House update

I haven’t done much house-blogging in a while, and before too long I won’t be able to because we’ll be living there. Here are a few facts/updates:

  • We close next Wednesday and move in over Thanksgiving.
  • Everything is basically done except a few paint touch-ups, adding a step to the deck, and some other last-minute fixes. There were quite a lot of rough edges on the house before our walk-through last week, and unsurprisingly our builder got it taken care of right away.
  • I think my favorite aspect of the house so far is the sink area. Seriously. This is because we put an extra-deep countertop that sticks out past the sink about 18 inches, forming a sort of eating area that we can put barstools under. There’s literally more countertop space in front of the sink than there is in the entire kitchen in our apartment.
  • We had a finished bathroom put in to the basement because it was ridiculously cheap versus just having a rough-in — I think only $500 more. We found out later that this was so cheap because it was a typo on the price sheet, and the builder’s not offering finished bathrooms in the basement to anybody any more.

Still haven’t decided how I’m going to do the wireless network. I’d like to try Airport Extreme but I keep thinking I can get the same performance for a lot less money. But then, you always seem to get what you pay for.


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2 responses to “House update

  1. I have a $99 Linksys, and it works great.

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