Now THAT’s a holiday

I was just adding next year’s EDUCAUSE conference to my Google calendar, when I came across this:
Picture 1

Er, what’s that “Creation” thing in my calendar? Click:
Picture 2

Wow, I knew that Google was privy to a lot of information, but I had no idea they knew the exact date on which the universe was created.

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3 responses to “Now THAT’s a holiday

  1. Justin

    The October 23 date for creation comes from Bishop Ussher’s chronology of creation.

  2. Mark

    Have you been to the Educause conference before? It is a great conference. I didn’t realize that it was in Seattle in ’07 – hopefully I will be able to make it this year! There is some definite information overload, but it is always very useful, and it is a fun conference, too!

  3. I’ve never been to one, although I can’t remember why I didn’t go this year. I’m a lot more interested in the subject matter of EDUCAUSE now than I used to be; plus, Bruce Schneier is one of the keynotes for next year and he’s da bomb. (And, I’ve never been to Seattle and it’d be cool to visit. Perhaps with a year’s notice, my wife could handle me being away, running around Seattle for a week while she’s at home with two kids?)