Fair warning

Blogging’s been sporadic the last few days as we get ready for the move into the new house, and will continue to be so for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is the actual move-in day. We’re boxing up the computer tonight and the cable guy is coming I think tomorrow afternoon to get the modem hooked up. If everything works with the modem and wireless, then there won’t be that great of an interruption. That’s “if”.

We spent basically the entire weekend at the new place (painting, putting up blinds, fixing the water line to the fridge, etc.) and most of our last few weeknights. The improvement in overall quality of life in going from an 800 ft^2 apartment to a house is hard to overstate. Even just baking a pizza in an oven that doesn’t leak heat out of the rangetop was an incredibly pleasant experience.

And speaking of appliances, the microwave we bought is quite interesting. It came with a cookbook that reveals some of its possibilities — for example, you can put meats into it and have it microwave for 20 minutes and then have it automatically switch over to the grilling element to broil it. It’s not your average microwave.

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