We made it

We’re in the new house after a pretty exhausting day of moving yesterday. No major surprises or crises. About the worst thing to have happened so far is that the Mrs.’ treadmill is inexplicably not turning on; we’re hoping it’s not just hosed after six months in a storage unit, because the “lifetime warranty” on Landice models doesn’t extend to environmental damage and so forth. Also, one of our cats ran off to hide in the basement and hasn’t come out yet. But otherwise all systems are go.

We ended up having the cable modem run up into the little office/sitting room area in the master bedroom rather than my study downstairs. Tomorrow I set up the wireless. I ended up going with this Netgear router; none of the Linksys routers worked with OS X or Linux. If I turn the Airport on using the Mac mini, I can pick up six different wireless networks — and there are only three houses with people living in them within 100 yards of us! So I think the range will not be a problem.

With half of our kitchen stuff still being unboxed, and most of our food back in the apartment (which we have until the end of the month), our Thanksgiving meal is going to consist of leftovers from the Mexican place last night and some deli meat. But we are thankful to be here and are spending our day the way turkey day ought to be spent — hanging out with family and enjoying the day off. Although some of this would be nice to chow on…


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  1. Liz

    Wish I was closer — I’d deliver my very best turkey, three kinds of stuffing (plain, sausage, and oyster if you have to have it, cornbread otherwise), green beans, creamed onions (obligatory even if you don’t like them), two kinds of mashed potatoes (garlic and plain) and tossed green salad with mandarin oranges, scallions, and avocadoes. Oh and lashings of gravy.

    On paper plates, since the kitchen in process.

    Congrats on the Nueva Nida.

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  3. Congratulations! As home movers 4x over I feel your pain and now your elation in having made the move successfully. Enjoy the new home and relish in the happiness it brings you and your family.

    When you have a moment I would love to share some the family section from our blog with you. http://www.thinking-forward.com