Repealing NCLB?

Here’s a petition calling for the repealing of the No Child Left Behind act. Even if you are not inclined to sign it, you might find the preamble to the petition to be a useful set of anti-NCLB talking points.

Some of the statements given in that preamble are shaky (such as the statement that NCLB “[a]ssumes that competition is the primary motivator of human behavior and that market forces can cure all educational ills”, when in fact I think the opposite is the case) or touchy-feely (“Requires the use of materials and procedures more likely to produce a passive, compliant workforce than creative, resilient, inquiring, critical, compassionate, engaged members of our democracy“). But there are enough valid criticisms of NCLB (especially “Ignores the proven inadequacies, inefficiencies, and problems associated with centralized, “top-down” control“) that I think it’s a valid thing to consider doing away with it and starting over again — or not starting over, and just letting schools have local control.

[Hat tip: Open Board Blog]

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