LaTeX bleg

One of my geometry students is LaTeX-ing a writeup of a problem which involves typesetting three points with an arc symbol going over the top of all of them. Neither he nor I could find such a symbol, not even in the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List. The closest we came was the \widehat symbol, but that’s not exactly the right thing. Anybody out there know how to typeset this?

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4 responses to “LaTeX bleg

  1. Jason

    You’ll have to build it yourself — stack a \frown on top of your points.
    Try \stackrel{\textstyle\frown}{ABC}.

  2. If you install the arcs package you will get the \overarc command so that \overarc{ABC}=200^{\circ} looks like this

  3. The image was in the preview but vanished when I submitted the comment 😦
    The image can be seen here

  4. Or you may try to draw it using tikz/pgf.