Happy Blogoversary to me

200612012120Today is the one-year mark of the first post at this blog. I want to thank every person who has ever taken the time to click over to this humble spot in the long tail, especially those of you who are regular readers and commenters. I’m sincerely thankful that anybody would devote part of their attention budget to come and read what I’m thinking. I started blogging because I felt like I had a lot of things in my head that needed to get out and get vetted by people smarter than I am. I count myself very fortunate to have had this come true each time somebody clicks in or comments.

It seems like CO9s has been around a lot longer than a year — maybe because it’s pretty close to the two-year blogoversary of my previous blog, brightMystery.net. That blog was my first “real” blog (I had another before that on Blogger that didn’t really go anywhere), and it was about everything but the kitchen sink — all the stuff you see here plus articles about faith, Christianity, parenting, adoption, and so on. It held together for a year, but about a year ago I started to realize that I had two audiences — one that liked the faith and parenting stuff, and another that liked the education and technology stuff, and those audiences were basically mutually exclusive. I created two blogs out of brightMystery: Casting Out Nines, to focus on education and technology; and Daddyspeak, to focus on parenting and faith. Daddyspeak never went very far, despite a good premise; it went offline in October.

Here at CO9s, I’ve been able to air out my half-baked thoughts on such things as pedagogy and problem-solving in calculus; academic dishonesty; what it’s like to be banned from an entire school district and then how to work against a law to this effect; and everything in between from my musical selections, my linking habits, and personal stuff as well. Just about every post I have written has been enjoyable to write, and a few of them went on to be read by folks who have used my posts to try and make a difference in students’ education, which is the very thing I am in this profession to try and do.

So again, thanks to all for a very good first year at this blog. I really am thankful, and I’m looking forward to another year of fun and good conversation here at Casting Out Nines.



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2 responses to “Happy Blogoversary to me

  1. Happy Blogoversary! I did the same thing — I divided my various interests into separate blogs. Only thing is, I have found I don’t update any of them as often as I would if I had one hodge-podge blog, and I also have readers of each blog that never look at the others. It feels like I’m split into about five people, sometimes! Anyway, I enjoy your blog very much.

  2. Congratulations, Sir!

    Yours is a site I check out often. Keep up the good work!