For those of you keeping up with my theming obsession

I’m pretty well sold on this Plaintxtblog theme. Very nice, clean, and simple. I find that having such a clean theme is forcing me to write a little more cleanly too, which is good. But I will be working on a few changes to the basic setup over the next week or so:

  • Replacing the title and subtitle with a logo.
  • Making it so that self-references (links made in an article to a previous article) don’t show up in the “Recent Comments” list.
  • Adding a few, but not too many, graphical and link elements like a links cloud and the little orange radio-type symbols for RSS feeds.
  • In general, I’m not very sure how to edit the sidebars of a blog when you’re using widgets.
  • Editing the Pages for this blog (policies, etc.) and putting those up.
  • Putting up some text widgets on the side for things like email, etc.

I’ll hold off on further theme-blogging until then.


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4 responses to “For those of you keeping up with my theming obsession

  1. So…much…white….

  2. Repeat after me: White space is good. White space makes things legible. White space is easy on the eyes. White space is your friend.

  3. Indeed. White is clean and readable.

    My other blog is wordpress 2.x.x, and uses widgets (though for some reason, I now get an error message when trying to access the admin page, but tech support is working on it). You can edit your widgets from your admin page — don’t remember right offhand where, exactly, but look around.

    My main blog is wp 1.5.x. No widgets, other than what I handcode.

  4. virusdoc

    yeah, I agree. It’s not so bad. I think dark space with white text is easier to read on an LCD screen, but the general aesthetic is the same.