Here’s why blogging has been light.

I’m a proud papa again! Everybody — meet Peanut.


My wife and her mother are in China right now. They received Peanut this morning (which is Sunday evening China time). Everybody is doing fine, and Doodlebug and I are anxious for the crew to get home so we can… well, I was about to say “get back to normal”, but we’ve never quite been “normal”.

An aside to tie this in to the main theme of this blog: The technology we’ve been able to use has been amazing. I am deeply impressed with the ability of technology — particularly media and communications technology — to make this trip, which is extremely stressful on the whole family, into something almost ordinary. Case in point would be the above picture. At around 2:00 AM Indiana time, my wife and mother-in-law received Peanut from the orphanage. At 3:00, pictures were taken. At 7:00, I get a call from China to our Vonage home number and it sounds as clear as if I were talking across the room. At 7:15, I got the pictures in email. At 7:30, I upload them to the photo center at the Walgreen’s five miles from our house. At 9:30 I pick the prints up. At 10:00 I am showing them off at church. This afternoon, Doodlebug and I will be sitting down in front of the Macbook to make a video message with iMovie which we will then email to China, so that Peanut can get use to the sounds of our voices and how we look.

I think we lose sight of just how powerful of a force — a force for good — technology can be in our lives.


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7 responses to “Here’s why blogging has been light.

  1. She’s a cutie! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!! She is certainly adorable! And I second you on the amazing-ness of technology. I can remember having all three of my kids pictures posted to the web before they had left the hospital.

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  4. Congratulations!!!

    Yeah for Peanut! Yeah for you! And yeah for technology!

  5. Liz

    Hello, Peanut! Those cheeks are just so…kissable. And congratulations to the entire Nines family.

  6. dpg

    Glad you’re back to blogging. Peanut is adorable!