Updates and a plea about comments

Everyday life has been hectic for the last week and a half with the arrival of Peanut into our household. She’s a wonderful baby and we’re having lots of fun (if not lots of sleep). With being off work to help out at home, I’ve been working double-time while actually at work to get my courses and so forth ready. Hence, the light blogging. Today, we’re snowed in and so I have some time to get caught up here.

I just wanted to point out that I have updated the About Me page and the Comment Policy page. I wanted to especially stress this new policy — really more of a plea than a policy — about leaving comments:

If you read something I write, there is a good chance you might disagree or even get upset or offended by it. If so — LEAVE A COMMENT TO THAT EFFECT. Or an email (castingout9s [at] gmail [dot] com). In the past, I have had readers who disagree with what I have said and actually gone to my college’s administration to complain. What they should have done is leave a comment or send an email, to enter in to a dialogue with me and other readers. Please, if you can’t even leave an anonymous comment, just don’t say anything at all to anybody.

This policy is just an application of a basic rule of person-to-person interaction: If you have something you need to hash out with another person, go to that person and do it. Don’t just store up the disagreement or do an end-around. On a blog, what you do when you take offense or disagree is comment. There is precisely zero risk involved in responding on a blog. I think we all realize that you don’t have to use your real name or email in the comment area.

Honestly, there are few things I respect less than a person who is offended by something and then does everything except take it up with the person who caused offense, because they are “too intimidated” or some such, especially in an environment that can be completely anonymous if you want. Just comment, and let’s discuss. That’s the name of the blog game.

[Update: Let me say the above paragraph in a positive light: I greatly respect those people who disagree or are offended by something, and then show the guts to rationally confront the person who caused the offense and get the matter straight. That sounds better and is a more accurate representation of what I really think.]



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2 responses to “Updates and a plea about comments

  1. I see your point about comments, but I still don’t allow anonymous comments. I can’t think of a single instance in which someone who was too cowardly to stand behind his/her words ever contributed anything to intelligent discourse on my blog. It reminds me of schoolyard behavior most of the time. I do, however, see your reasons for allowing anonymous comments as a preference over complaining to college officials.

  2. Liz

    I like your comment policy. I do allow anon comments — anyway typepad allows people tomake up names & emails —

    I also like the new design. Liked the old design too, but this is a bit cleaner, somehow.