Online LaTeX equation editor

In light of my recent issues with LaTeX equation editors, this web-based equation renderer seems pretty nice. It doesn’t have the flexibility of LaTeX-IT, but on the other hand this actually works.

[Hat tip: Natural Blogarithms]

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2 responses to “Online LaTeX equation editor

  1. Just another liberal professor

    Second verse, same as the first:

    What’s wrong with the old-fashioned way: using LaTeX and then converting the .dvi to a .pdf?

  2. The main improvement of an equation editor over a standard LaTeX document is that there are no files created. So if all I need is a single equation to paste into a document, I do not have to go back and clean up the .tex, .dvi, .aux, .log, and .pdf files that result. Or I should say, I don’t have to remember to go back and delete them (which I never do).

    Also, some of the equation editors (LaTeX-It in particular) have nice “library” features that let you store previously-typeset expressions and just drag-and-drop them later. I don’t think TeXShop has that feature.

    In the meanwhile, though, I’m doing exactly as you are saying and creating documents, then copy-pasting from the pdf.