Top Ten Web tools for college students

Here’s a list, with reviews, of the top ten web tools for college students. Their picks are:

  1. Book Finder [There are people actually wanting to legislate caps on textbook prices, when really all we need is a good way to find the cheap ones that are out there.]
  2. MynoteIT
  3. OttoBib [This looks really useful for writing research papers. I could never get those competing bibliography styles straight myself.]
  4. Google Docs
  5. Tada List
  6. Meebo
  7. Wikipedia
  8. Zoho Show [Nice online PowerPoint clone.]
  9. Google Reader [I’ve been using this as my main RSS reader for a couple months now, and I agree it’s very good.]

I would have included Remember The Milk, which I am using as my primary to-do list manager with my GTD setup. Also Google Calendar. In fact, I am using Google Calendar for all my class calendars; my course’s Angel sites link to their respective Google calendars, and students can subscribe to the RSS feed for each calendar in case there’s an update. (Although it’s my experience that very few college students — or anybody else for that matter — have any idea what RSS is.) The trifecta becomes complete when you consider that there’s a Remember The Milk plugin for Google Calendar.
[Hat tip: Plugged in Teacher via Lifehacker]

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  2. If you want to get your Google calendar on your mobile device too list

    Chris (GooSync)