My college’s student newspaper did a front-page (below the fold) article on this blog today, and there was a very nice accompanying editorial. The main article tended to focus on the “controversy” (to use the article’s words) that led to my two-month vacation from CO9s. Here’s some excerpts from the editorial:

Math professor Roger [sic; unfortunately they consistently misspelled my first name] Talbert drew some criticism from students about his blog, Casting Out Nines.

We’ve read every post Talbert has ever made at his blog. [RT: Seriously?] We read the “offensive” stuff back in December before he took it down. And we’ve got one thing to say: We love it. […]

The blog is interesting. If you’re into education, technology, or teaching, it’s a great resource, and Talbert provides a wealth of original and insightful analysis.

Moreover, it’s great to see that a professor is willing to provide that analysis and interact on such a public level — doing so can only be to his students’ benefit.

We found nothing in any posts that crossed any professional lines. We found nothing that violated the trust students must give their teachers. What we did find was a blog worth bookmarking.

I’ve always hoped that CO9s can, in some small way, invite students to take a look at topics and issues that I’m passionate about and get some idea of what makes me do what I do. I find it extremely gratifying to know that this has happened with some students, many of whom I have never even met but who for some reason or another have found their way here. You’re always welcome, and remember, if you do find something offensive, comment.


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2 responses to “Publicity

  1. I think your blog is VERY interesting, is like reading a teacher´s mind.

    I don´t think there is something innapropiate or offensive.

  2. dpg

    Roger, this is encouraging great. It is great to hear students are reading your blog. Thanks for investing your time and energy in it.