Wilkes University going all-Apple

In a world of Microsoft campuses (like mine), here’s an anomaly — a campus that is going all-Mac:

Nearly all Wilkes University computer labs are already equipped with the new Mac computers and the university expects to replenish its 1700-computer network with Macs in the next three years. The switch to an all-Mac campus is a $1.4 million investment in campus technology.

“This is an aggressive technology refresh plan that will present students and staff with access to the latest technology,” said Byers. “We’re also creating a virtually virus-free IT network.”

“Experience with the most advanced computers available today will provide our students with an edge when they enter today’s job market with increasingly demanding technological expertise,” said Wilkes president Tim Gilmour.

In the grand scheme of college finances, $1.4M isn’t really that much money. And there might be significant savings in the long term from having a network that is less virus-prone, software and hardware that don’t need constant upgrading, and workstations that aren’t constantly crashing and needing intensive tech support.

You do have to wonder, though, how students will handle it, particularly when the majority of them have probably no experience with Macs or OS X. But the article talks about running both OS X and Windows on the machines, so maybe Windows is still an option. In either case, being able to work with multiple operating systems is a crucial technological skill that college graduates ought to have today, so the more non-Windows exposure students get, the better.

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