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200702241948The hard drive on the Mac mini we use at home is well over half-full, and we’ve yet to offload any of the digital photos and video from the Peanut adoption trip to China. So I went out to Best Buy this morning and picked up this Western Digital 250 GB hard drive which will serve as the new home for all our multimedia. It was on sale for $99, which is just mind-bogglingly low. In fact, the 160 GB model and the 250 GB model were both on sale for that price, which makes me wonder who’s going to get the 160 GB model.

It’s simply amazing to me that I can get 250 GB of storage for under a hundred bucks. That’s $0.40 per gigabyte! Five years ago that would have cost more than my car, and I’m just old enough to remember my first real computer which came with a whopping 20 megabyte hard drive. (And my first computer, period — the venerable TI 99-4A — had no disk drive whatsoever. I had to connect the computer to an old-fashioned audio cassette recorder and “burned” data to an audio tape! And I did it uphill in the snow, both ways, and we liked it!)

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