Searching for the right approach to IT training

A new British survey suggests that having a degree specific to an information technology field is not necessarily a plus for getting an IT-related job:

Six out of ten U.K. employers do not care whether applicants for jobs in information and communications technology have tech-related degrees, a survey has revealed.

The statistics, released Tuesday by E-Skills UK, a British government-led agency, also show that only two out of every five U.K. graduates working in ICT (information and communications technology) have an ICT-related degree.

“Graduates from non-ICT disciplines have often developed skills in areas not yet widely included in traditional computing courses such as business, project, communication and other interpersonal skills,” said E-Skills Chief Executive Karen Price.

Whole thing here. It’s certainly getting harder these days to nail down the right curricular model for “computer science” at the post-secondary level, with both students and employers finding the traditional bachelors-in-CS approach to be less and less satisfying. I wonder how Georgia Tech’s new system is working out?

[h/t Wired Campus Blog]

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