Friday random 10

It’s week 6 of the semester and the grading backlog has hit full-force. So for now, blogging is light, but I have just enough time for…

  1. Darkness (The Police, Ghost in the Machine)
  2. Little Angel Child (Jimmy Dawkins, Essential Chicago Blues)
  3. Love Without Dreams (The 77’s, Sticks and Stones)
  4. Shadows in the Rain (Sting, The Dream of the Blue Turtles)
  5. Lute suite in G Minor, 2nd Movement (Bach, perf. by Paul Galbraith, Bach Lute Suites)
  6. Double Trouble (John Primer, Essential Chicago Blues)
  7. One More Red Nightmare (King Crimson, Red)
  8. Love Me Tender (Elvis, 30 #1 Hits)
  9. I Always Do (Phil Keaggy & Sunday’s Child, eponymous)
  10. How Mountain Girls Can Love (Ricky Skaggs, Ancient Tones)

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