This weekend…

I’m taking a grade/prep retreat this weekend. That means I will be holing up tonight and most of Saturday to hack away at the grading backlog and try to push ahead a little to get courses ready for this week. Lately, I’ve been in the very uncomfortable position of having to finish up preparations for my 9:00 class sometime around 8:45. As the week after next is Spring Break for us, I hope to get caught up grading this weekend and get the next week planned out, so I can take all of next week to get the post-break class days planned out.

Also this weekend, actually today, I’m taking a team of three students to the Indiana Collegiate Mathematics Competition (a.k.a. “the friendly competition”). As far as anybody can tell, my college has never fielded a team in this competition. I’m psyched about it, since the three students forming the team are really three of our best, and so we might have a shot at placing.

So things will be hopping, but blogging may be light.



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2 responses to “This weekend…

  1. Uhmmmm, you make me feel terrible… all my classes are prepared JIT…

  2. Well, it’s especially important to get planned ahead this semester as I am teaching a 300-level topics course that needs lots of background work from me.

    Plus, I just like being able to take my time going in to work and not having to worry about whether my classes are going to come together in time. (I have to get Peanut and Doodlebug up, dressed, fed, and off to daycare each morning and you never know when that’s going to take twice as long as usual.)